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  • Blow Hole Open Mouth Spandex Hood
  • Blow Hole Open Mouth Spandex Hood
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AD690

    This devious disguise is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over the head and obscuring their view. This lightweight hood features an opening for the mouth and will not hamper breathing, but will limit eyesight. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities...

  • $22.99

  • Disguise Open Mouth Hood with Padded Blindfold
  • Disguise Open Mouth Hood With Padded Blindfold
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE167

    This lightweight hood is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over their head and obscuring their view while leaving their mouth accessible. It features a built in padded blindfold and will not hamper breathing. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. ...

  • $22.99

  • Israeli Gas Mask Without Filter
  • Israeli Gas Mask Without Filter
    BRAND: Unbranded  |  SKU: AC500

    Add that extra element of kink to your breath control scene with this Israeli gas mask. Made of heavy-duty rubber, this mask provides eye openings with acrylic lenses. The adjustable elastic straps are easy to adjust and fit most heads.

    Material: Rubber, Elastic

    Color: Black


  • $58.50

  • Premium Spandex Hood with Mouth Opening
  • Premium Spandex Hood With Mouth Opening
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: VF364

    This hood obscures the wearer's vision, leaving them at their partner's mercy. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. The mask was created using two layers of highly stretchable spandex to ensure comfort yet remain firmly on the head. It is made of 83 percent Nylo...

  • $21.99

  • Rubber Gas Mask Hood
  • Rubber Gas Mask Hood
    BRAND: Unbranded  |  SKU: MI450

    Authentic military gas mask worn over the entire head as a full rubber hood. This gas mask is made from heavy duty rubber. Forget the straps of the other gas mask styles, this hood stretches over the entire head. Comes with one cylinder for breathing. This is real fully functional gas mask in an arm...

  • $47.00

  • Spandex Hood with Padded Mask
  • Spandex Hood With Padded Mask
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: ST400

    This hood is made of shiny, stretchy, black spandex. It effectively blocks the wearers vision. You can see light but sight is greatly impaired. It is comfortable and easy to breathe through.

    One size fits all.
    Special handling:
    Packaging: Retail Packaging

  • $48.99

  • Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood with Eye Holes
  • Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood With Eye Holes
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: SU103

    This lightweight spandex hood gives your sub a feeling of being contained and enclosed, while still being comfortable and breathable. It features two eye holes and a mouth that is able to be zipped open and shut at your will. The stretchable fabric conforms easily to any size head, and is i...

  • $56.99

  • Strict Leather Padded Blindfold
  • Strict Leather Padded Blindfold
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: ST420

    This blindfold is made of black leather and padded in the inside for a comfortable fit and more effectively obscured vision. It is held in place by a black elastic band. It is a perfectly dependable, long lasting blind fold.

    Special handling:
    Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

  • $22.99

  • Strict Leather Velcro Blindfold
  • Strict Leather Velcro Blindfold
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: VE582

    This blindfold is padded and lined with soft fabric. Its velcro fittings allow for a perfectly tight fit every time for an extremely effective black out. It looks good, feels good, and works beautifully. This is the perfect blindfold.

    Measurements: 24 inches around at widest point, ...

  • $23.99

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