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  • 12 Inch Bondage Bar
  • 12 Inch Bondage Bar
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD534-12

    This versatile bondage piece goes beyond the standard spreader bar. The lightweight metal bar is a fixed width, and capped on each end with plastic. The bar is sturdy and strong, ready to withstand any struggle your partner puts up. Each end supports and sturdy O-ring, to which 4 swivel sna...

  • $17.67

  • Ass Up Doggy Style Position Strap
  • Ass Up Doggy Style Position Strap
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE111

    With the Frisky Ass Up Position Strap, doggie-style sex is easier, more comfortable, and lets you penetrate deeper for better G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Just place the strap at your hips, and have your partner grab the looped straps. Now you are ready for some deeply satisfying action...

  • $10.20

  • Beginners Penis Mouth Gag
  • Beginners Penis Mouth Gag
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD684

    Made for beginners, this penis mouth gag is non-intimidating and sized just right. Once you have slid the penis gag to the perfect position, wrap the straps around their head and lock into place. The buckle will be secure but if you want to make sure they cannot remove the gag, simply add a...

  • $20.30

  • Black Fleece Lined Blindfold
  • Black Fleece Lined Blindfold
    BRAND: STRICT  |  SKU: AE924

    Deprive your lover of one of their most essential senses when you slip this luxuriously comfortable blindfold over their eyes. The soft fleece interior will feel lush and sensual on their face. Without their sight, every touch of your finger, slap of the riding crop, lick, suck, pinch, or b...

  • $6.37

  • Blindfold Harness and Ball Gag
  • Blindfold Harness And Ball Gag
    BRAND: STRICT  |  SKU: AE909

    Take away two of your playthings most essential senses when you wrap their head in a devious bondage device! This head harness uses a blindfold to effectively blind your lover while you play with them. They will not know whats coming as you tickle, lick, spank, tease, and please. Every sens...

  • $22.31

  • Blindfold Padded Leather - Purple and Black
  • Blindfold Padded Leather - Purple And Black
    BRAND: Strict Leather  |  SKU: SL213

    This sexy blindfold is the perfect accessory to add a little adventure to the bedroom! Secured with an elastic band, this impervious blindfold features a padded soft leather backing so it is comfortable against the face. Leave your partner eagerly guessing or slip it on yourself and enjoy t...

  • $17.61

  • Bondage Hood with Breathable Ball Gag
  • Bondage Hood With Breathable Ball Gag
    BRAND: STRICT  |  SKU: AF141

    Play with sensory deprivation for an intensified experience with your lover! Put your plaything in a blackout hood that is padded at the eyes and ears so that they cannot see or hear what you are going to do to them! Every touch, tickle, and tease will be a surprise to them. The sensations ...

  • $63.69

  • Bondage Hood with Penis Gag
  • Bondage Hood With Penis Gag
    BRAND: STRICT  |  SKU: AF140

    Create a customized sensory experience for your plaything! How much will you deprive them of? This hood has padded ears to take away your partners ability to hear, so that they will not be able to hear the swish of the flogger or the flick of the crop before you hit them. While there are th...

  • $65.08

  • Bordeaux 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set - Black
  • Bordeaux 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set - Black
    BRAND: GreyGasms  |  SKU: AC987

    ...I am going to reward you for being a good girl...Sir said with a smile in his eyes. I am sitting in his chair in the sexy lingerie he has instructed me to wear....Put your hands to the sides of the chair and spread your legs for me...he said as he walks behind me. There is something in h...

  • $14.09

  • Clear Bondage Tape
  • Clear Bondage Tape
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD961

    This skin friendly bondage tape sticks to itself, not to your hair! Use it to create enticing wraps and bondage restraints. The shiny PVC allows your partner to shine through, and can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It is easy to use and visually stun...

  • $4.75

  • Coveted Collar and Clamp Union
  • Coveted Collar And Clamp Union
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: SP525

    Imagine the seductive combination of PU leather and metal, collar and clamp...pleasure and pain. Master Series has your fix with the Coveted Collar and Clamp Union. This two in one set is made with submission in mind. The quality faux leather collar secures by means of a buckle and has two ...

  • $27.57

  • Crimson Tied 3 Piece Impact Kit
  • Crimson Tied 3 Piece Impact Kit
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE377

    This 3 piece set from Crimson Tied combines our matching impact toys with a blackout blindfold for thrilling sensory play. Restricting their sight heightens anticipation, whether you choose the steel reinforced spanking paddle or the soft tails of the flogger. All are made from man made mat...

  • $28.74

  • Crimson Tied Full Blackout Embossed Blindfold
  • Crimson Tied Full Blackout Embossed Blindfold
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE143

    Enjoy the sexy contrast design of embossed black and red vinyl while your plaything experiences the sensations of sight deprivation. The blindfold itself is lined in a soft yet durable neoprene for a sensual and comfortable play session. The strap is made of a stretchable elastic material, ...

  • $7.03

  • Fever Hot Wax Candle
  • Fever Hot Wax Candle
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AE695

    Make your fantasies come to life with this body-safe hot wax candle! Whether you are experimenting with BDSM play or indulging in a warm, sensual massage, this lightly scented candle will set the mood and provide an unforgettable experience. Simply light the wick and let the wax melt. The l...

  • $7.14

  • Frisky 46 Inch Leash and Collar Set
  • Frisky 46 Inch Leash And Collar Set
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: VE983

    Allow yourself the freedom of relinquishing control with the Frisky Leash and Collar set from Frisky. There you will be, doted upon and teased just enough that your edges start to shine through, anticipating every move by waiting, obediently for your next direction. Made of high quality neo...

  • $10.84

  • Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold
  • Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AD310

    Get Frisky in the dark with this deluxe padded blindfold. Once you slide it over peering eyes, you will not believe how soft and comfortable it is! Made of durable Neoprene material so it will last for numerous play sessions. The ergonomic design is contoured to accommodate the natural curv...

  • $7.38

  • Frisky Nylon Tethers
  • Frisky Nylon Tethers
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: VE215

    Keep them gently confined and exactly where you want them with these beginner friendly, adjustable tethers. Each tether can be adjusted to 31 inches long and features a heavy duty nylon strap, making them both durable and stylish. Claw clasps assist in turning just about anything into a res...

  • $13.66

  • Frisky Pinch Me Clothes Pins
  • Frisky Pinch Me Clothes Pins
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AC951

    Desire a bit of ecstasy sprinkled with a pleasured pinch? With the enclosed Pinch Me Pins from Frisky, you are in luck. These classically styled pins feature two twin sides attached by way of a metal spring that when applied, the pressure will heighten and your bedroom adventure will begin!...

  • $5.35

  • Glow Gag Glow in the Dark Silicone Ball Gag
  • Glow Gag Glow In The Dark Silicone Ball Gag
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE658

    Stuff this gag in the mouth of your partner and shut off the lights! This glow-in-the-dark locking ball gag will leave a lasting impression. Effectively muffle those delicious sounds your lover makes with this premium and phthalate-free silicone ball gag, perfect for creating a scene that n...

  • $17.36

  • Gothic Heart Chain Choker
  • Gothic Heart Chain Choker
    BRAND: Master Series  |  SKU: AG417

    Put your gothic heart on display with this combination leather and chain choker! Sure to please those with a preference for the darker aesthetic, this Heart Chain accessory is made to add a sexy touch to your appearance.

    Adorn yourself or your pet with this collar – adjustable from ...

  • $9.27

  • Greygasms 3 Piece Beginner Bondage Kit
  • Greygasms 3 Piece Beginner Bondage Kit
    BRAND: GreyGasms  |  SKU: AE435

    Act out your own kinky fantasies with this carefully selected set of popular and thrilling items, sure to inspire your sensual side. This set of 3 spicy toys includes a black satin blindfold, a grey tie, and smooth weighted Ben Wa balls. Slip the mask over their eyes to heighten their aware...

  • $15.63

  • Gunmetal Collar with Lock
  • Gunmetal Collar With Lock
    BRAND: XR Brands  |  SKU: AF384

    Wrap this gunmetal chain around your playthings throat to remind them that they belong to you! This unique and striking collar consists of iron links that adjust to fit nearly any size neck. An included lock will keep your slave trapped in the attractive bondage. A large ring allows you to attach a ...

  • $21.04

  • Imprint Spanking Paddle- Bitch
  • Imprint Spanking Paddle- Bitch
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE585-Bitch

    Make your mark on your sub and show them just what you think of them with these fun imprint paddles. The word is reversed, so with a good swing, it will show up on their naughty skin. Made of stitched PU leather with a firm but flexible core, this remarkable spanking paddle is sure to put t...

  • $7.82

  • Imprint Spanking Paddle- Slut
  • Imprint Spanking Paddle- Slut
    BRAND: Frisky  |  SKU: AE585-Slut

    Make your mark on your sub and show them just what you think of them with these fun imprint paddles. The word is reversed, so with a good swing, it will show up on their naughty skin. Made of stitched PU leather with a firm but flexible core, this remarkable spanking paddle is sure to put t...

  • $7.82


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